Last Light!


I am going to try something entirely new on this Blog. New for me since I have never tried my hand at verse. I just feel I should formulate my understanding of ZEN in a way that is not based on logic and reason, since that doesn’t lead to a higher understanding of the Great Matter anyway. Somewhere along the line, ZEN all boils down to a fundamental intuitive insight into our True Self Nature.

Apart from classics such as Ryokan, Ikkyu and Cold Mountain, I have never actually invested time into the study of ZEN related poetry, which is probably the best way to approach it? And as far as I am concerned, there is no need to get stuck on established classic poetry formats or a formalized approach to verse construction? Nah… anything goes! To be honest, even when it comes to my ZEN studies, I never really subscribe to the heterogeneous concept of Expedient Means! Yes, I understand that it works for most people but the naturally creative and expressive power of Mind does not require any formal setting to go to ‘work’!

To give my verse ‘format’ the visual context usually reserved to the reader’s imagination, I am going to do the following: photo above – verse – photo below. And these, both verse and photography are inspired by my life in Africa over the last 25 years. Mhmmm… ZEN in Africa… I guess I better start praying to St. Jude, the christian saint of Lost Causes:

Last Light

Last Light 01

last light
fire sky above
dark shapes
lions roam the plain below
dark light above beyond
playing with reflections
fragments of perception
flashes of cognition
who is there to see

Last Light 02

Welcome to the Real World!


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