Thanks all for your likes of my previous post! Here more of my effort at ZEN verse plus a few explanations as to the use of specific terms and definitions. I know this is going to take away a bit of the ‘mystery’ of ZEN practice, but Buddhism in principle has no place for sentimental, self-centred, dualistic and discriminative mind activity. Classic ancient ZEN practice is actually rather terse if not to say brutal in its overall appreciation of our world and universe. Consequently, this further intro to a new format of my Blog is not meant as a justification of the apparent conflict between visual representation and verse. In my experience as a former frontline photographer – combined with my current understanding of ZEN – the self created beauty and horror we all experience in this world requires no justification. It is what it is!

The nature theme often used in ZEN related poetry is here represented by my photography while verse construction shall focus on what I tend to call the Psychology of Human Existence. Similar terminology was widely used by ancient ZEN masters in China and Japan over the last 2.000 years and can also be found in essential Buddhist/ ZEN scriptures such as the Tibetan Book of the Dead (TBD) and the Lankavatara Sutra (The Lanka), where psychological terms and definitions were employed to assess and define the mental processes of a perceived Ego Self and its creation of an apparent external reality, which we further believe exists in contradistinction to our own internal mental continuum. Mhmmm… heavy stuff, right?

However, once we intuitively apprehend that these two realities are one and the same, to perceive and truly appreciate this world in all its glory and misery is like a mirror looking into another mirror – like the projection of an infinite visual fractal.

Life as we know it is a contradiction in terms, everything we perceive is at cross purposes and in perpetual conflict. Apart from ZEN, modern psychology and perhaps quantum physics represent the best we can do to unravel this enigma:

Reflection 01

mirror mind reflection
fractal of projection
action and reaction
me this you that
right wrong green red
end the reign of reason
reach the light of freedom
touch the sight of sameness
taste the sound of silence
feel awareness rising
from the void within

Reflection 02

Welcome to the Real World!


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