Here a listing of all posts published on this WordPress Blog to date. The older entries are here listed first; newer entries last. These posts are tagged primarily in the categories Philosophy, ZEN and ZEN Buddhism.

Personally, I do not believe that Buddhism even qualifies as a religious or philosophical believe system – that is all just Expedient Means in the end.

The life long adventure of trying to figure out the True Nature of Reality and with that our individual/ collective existence in this world is nothing but high end Psychology!

Welcome to the Real World!

The Matrix of Reality!

Step into Emptiness!

Form is Emptiness! Emptiness is Form!

There is No Spoon!

What the Bleep do we Know? Nothing! Everything!

The Secret!

The Final Question!

Ghosts in the Machine!

Nothing Evolves Uncaused!

The Heart of Darkness!

Time to Wake Up!

Inception – The Ultimate Reality Construct!

Thou shall strike and kill!

The Natural Expressive Power of Mind!

Twenty Seconds to Eternity!

Tiger, Tiger! Burning Bright!

Forever Peace in the Heart of Man!

And Death shall have No Dominion!

The Matrix of Reality – Reloaded!

Look the Hurricane right in the Eye!

The Magic of Life!

The Mystery of ZEN!

Forever Slave in Conditioned Existence!

Hell has no Fury like Nature Scorned!

Mind Energy in Motion! 

The Secrets of Enlightened Living! 

Perceptions of a Different World! 

The Final Question – Redux!

Life is War!

The Dawn of No Reason!

ZEN Mind Power!

There is No Spoon – Revisited!

Follow the White Rabbit!

We the People!

The Perfect Sense!

The Inside Guide to ZEN Mind Power!

When does a Difference Engine become the Search for Truth?

Once were Warriors!

Mind in Motion!

A Rage to Live!

Fortunate Son…

The Matrix of Reality!

The Kingdom of Heaven!

Energy in Motion!



Forever War!

What Dreams May Come!

Fragments of Reality!

Darkness Visible!

Last Light!


Dream Walker!

A State of Wonder!



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