my name is Elk Arne Clausen and I am originally from Germany. I have lived in Africa for the past 30 years working for NGOs and as a frontline photographer and videographer. I currently operate an online photo stock service – RazorFishImages – in Uganda, East Africa. Please also see my commercial posts on Facebook and LinkedIn to view or download information on my work as a professional photographer and Creative Director. The cover photography of this Blog is now frequently going to change utilising my photo stock of nature photography with regular updates of my photography in Africa posted primarily on my FB page RazorFishImages and here on WordPress:

   (+256) 0772 – 200335

The adopted name Crow with No Mouth was inspired by reading Stephen Bergs translation of poetry written by 15th century ZEN master Ikkyu. The original verse is however from the book A Zen Harvest:

   Hearing a crow with no mouth
   Cry in the deep
   Darkness of the night
   I feel a longing for
   My father before he was born


Crow with No Mouth!


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